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Tipe dan harga Grand i10

GLX MT 2019 Euro4 184.000.000.-

Deskripsi Mobil Grand i10

Sporty, Aerodynamic and World-class

Colorize Your Grand i10

Sporty and Trendy

The world is changing every day. So we decided to also change the way people communicate with each other. Introducing the Hyundai Grand i10. The car that lets you share a new language with the world. Go on out there and spread the Grand i10.

Premium and Spacious

The Grand i10 proves the point that a comfortable and spacious car doesn’t have to be cumbersome. That feature-packed Hyundai Grand i10 responds to your every expectation. The cabin color, textures and shape lend it a sport appeal that will easily make any large car envious.

Coolvenient Features

The supervision instrument cluster is aesthetically designed for the maximum visibility. Easy-to-read dials, along with the eye-soothing blue & white illumination gives the interior of Grand i10 additional nice touch.

Proactive Safety

World-class safety has always been Hyundai’s strongest offering in all the cars. The Grand i10 just takes that commitment forward in a Grand new way. The Air Bag ensures additional protection to occupants in the event of frontal impact.


*Spesifikasi dan kelengkapan berbeda di setiap negara, dan sewaktu-waktu dapat berubah tanpa pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu*

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