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Video NEW H-1

Tipe dan harga NEW H-1

Elegance CRDi e-VGT ATRp 508.000.000.-
XG PSD Gasoline ATRp 505.000.000.-
XG PSD CRDi e-VGT ATRp 547.500.000.-
Royale LTD Gasoline ATRp 578.500.000.-
Royale LTD CRDi e-VGT ATRp 621.000.000.-

Deskripsi Mobil NEW H-1

New experience, new opportunities

The H-1 opens up a new world for you to experience. Projection headlamps deliver a sleek, purposeful impression, while a stylish radiator grille enhance the overall presence. Newly-designed wheels and side garnish complete the modern, progressive style.

Colorize Your H-1

Change your worldview

The H-1 Interior, with a horizontal layout providing a wide, open feel, achieves the highest levels of design in addition to the audio system, a stylish, sporty steering wheel also enhances the drive.

Seat adjustment clever design allows the seats to be tipped up, slip or reclined. Whatever the circumstances, there’s certain to be a combination to suit your requirement.

(Seat adjustment may vary according to countries.)

A deliberate and easy sense of comfort

Enter the H-1 and the feeling is one of sheer spaciousness and comfort. Look at around you and you will immediately see small but significant quality of details.

Power, refinement and quality

Whether the engine is gasoline or diesel, H-1 guarantees good performance, complemented by Hyundai’s rugged dependability and eco-friendliness.

*Spesifikasi dan kelengkapan berbeda di setiap negara, dan sewaktu-waktu dapat berubah tanpa pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu*

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